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First Family Car

My grandpa and great-grandpa with his first car, a 1947 Chevy, pictured here outside of their home on 33rd and Becher on the south side of Milwaukee.

My great-grandpa purchased the car in 1947 for $1200 with the intent of turning around and selling it since he could fetch a good profit off it due to high demand. He received the car in 1948 and decided to keep it despite being offered almost double what he paid for it during his first trip to the gas station to fuel up. 

Shortly thereafter my grandpa almost crashed the damn thing when he snuck it out early one winter morning to try and do his paper route with it. Kids, hey?

Ed-Lyn Lanes: June 1959

My great-grandparents, Ed and Evelyn, owned a bowling alley from about 1950-1966. It was located on Milwaukee’s south side at Howell and Oklahoma Avenues where a Speedway gas station now stands. 

Milwaukee Street Photography: August 27, 1936

A photograph of my grandfather with his father taken by a street photographer printed onto a postcard for purchase.

This was taken looking east bound on Wisconsin Avenue outside what is now the Shops of Grand Avenue and the Plankinton Building. The sign just above my grandfather’s head is for the Plankinton Arcade.

Modern Milwaukee

I spent the afternoon at my grandparents’ home yesterday, a veritable treasure trove of vintage photography and newspapers. Okay, my grandpa is a little bit of a pack rat, but he’s got some great stuff and it’s all very well-organized! 

This is an insert from a 1962 issue of the Milwaukee Journal. Its focus was on the development of the Milwaukee lakefront and businesses downtown.

Lovers of all things vintage, stay tuned for some fantastic photos of life in Milwaukee and Japan between the 1930s-1960s.

Lakefront Brewery Beer Hall

Sarah and I enjoying a flight of beers paired with a Wisconsin Cheese Board featuring pickled grapes, sweet dried cranberries, cherry-bacon jam, artisan bread, goat blue, aged sheep, dill havarti, four year cheddar and gruyere.

Oh yes…we also indulged in their signature cupcake, a dark chocolate stout cupcake topped with maple butter cream (complete with a fresh, warm drizzle of maple syrup) and candied bacon. 

The only way this photo could be any more Wisconsin is if my friend and I were in it wearing blaze orange jackets and a Packer hat.

Thanks for the love, thanksforthelovemke!

I actually want to give a shout out to a few local blogs on here, but I’ve been itching to use that line for awhile now, so I couldn’t resist. ;)

Much love and respect is due to three amazing Milwaukee-based blogs:

Milwaukier Than Thou

Thanks for the Love, MKE

On Milwaukee

Thank you for not only sharing my voice via my work but that of so many others. I love this city and I love even more to see it through the collective eyes of our citizens. Thank you for doing what you do and for spreading the Milwaukee Love.

Monstera Obliqua

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." The Beatles, “The End”

World of Beer (II)

East Side, Milwaukee, WI

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