Learning to be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Bear with me and my recent “emo” posts, friends. They are not cries for help or attention. They are life and I feel the need to capture and put these moments out there as a means of reconciling myself with certain realities. 

The truth is I am generally a happy person. I count my blessings and try to find the positive in everything. On the flip side, I stifle feelings of discomfort until the dam breaks. It is tempting then to cling to what is comfortable, old patterns and habits, to keep from drowning, instead of letting go and having faith that I will not drown.

This is me facing myself, being with my discomfort and pain. The next step is letting go. Yes, there will be more pain and setbacks along the way, just as assuredly as there will be more happiness and successes. But the comfortable has become uncomfortable, and I refuse to keep myself resigned to a safe little ledge, letting life pass me by any longer.

Sunday, 25 of August, 2013 with 52 notes

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  2. handsomevandals said: You look so pretty in this pic! Anyways, it’s all about finding your center. I got really high the other day, and found my center. I was able to let go of all the residual pain and weight of a drug addiction that has festered all my life. <3
  3. qbnscholar said: Preach. Great picture, great writing, great intentions to move forward, to soar. It is all about taking the leap, knowing you will soar, even if at times you get sore. It is all about the flight, ever upwards, ever suspended, ever trusting your soul.